Park owner, Manufacturer, need something  realy new, don't look further, consulting, idea, concept design, theme of your - unique Ride - contact Us.


Our latest latest Design - Swingaround - consists out of 2 and 3 D drawings, an animation, and even  a themed version is available,  Aductis  theme.


For this design a license is already

granted to Mondial Rides /

Heerenveen, the Netherlands


Our designs consists out  of 2 and 3D design drawings, together with 3D animation, and  even complete witch  a theme suggestion.  All our designs  are registrated  models, some with  Patent Pending.


Other  design possibilities, on request.


So whatever you want  for your new Ride  design  don't hessitate to contact us.


Interested, let's us  know.







  Available, as of September this year our newest

design Sweeper,  sweeping fun for  everyone, come back to

visit  our visite  for latest information.





 Now finished our  next  NEW  Design: the  Sweeper  available of September this year,  visit  our website for latest news.